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Where it all began.1963

The first two Amazing Spider-Man's
While attending a science exhibit on radiation, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider When he accidently wanders into the path of a speeding car, he discovers that the bite has given him spider-like abilities. As he walks home that evening, he sees a sign that proclaims that anyone able to wrestle Crusher Hogan for three minutes will win $100. Thinking that this would be the perfect way to test his n powers, Peter dons a mask and enters the ring. Peter easily gets Crusher to submit by carrying him up one of the buildings support beams. A TV producer sees this and offers to get Peter a job as an entertainer. Well, Peter accepts and goes home where he makes his costume and web-shooters. As Peter is leaving one of his appearances as Spider-Man, a thief runs by and Peter lets him go. The guard who was chasing the thief yells at Peter for not stopping the crook when he had the  chance. To which Peter replies "It's not my job". A few weeks later, after another personal appearance, Peter returns home to see a police car outside his house. When he talks to one of the cops, he learns that a burglar broke into the house and killed Uncle Ben and that the police now have the burglar trapped at the abandoned Acme warehouse. Upon hearing this, Peter rushes inside and changes into Spider-Man to go get his revenge on the crook.
At the Acme warehouse Peter makes short work of the burglar, but seeing his face realizes that  none of this had to happen. It was the same man he let run by him at the TV studio  Blaming himself for what happened to Uncle Ben, Peter learns that "with great power, comes great responsibility".

Story Two Summary

 Story 2 The story starts off with a very short recap of Amazing Fantasy #15, but quickly get underway. As Peter is walking down the stairs he hears Aunt May asking a bill collector for more time to pay the bills. Peter realizes his Aunt needs his help to earn money and considers taking up a life of crime. With his new found powers it would easy. Then he thinks about what it would do to Aunt May if he ever got caught and decides against it.  So Peter makes a few more appearances as Spider-Man to earn some money, but when pay-day comes around his agent asks who to make the check out to. Not wanting anyone to know who he really is, Peter tells him to make the check out to Spider-Man. : Unfortunately, the bank won't cash a check made out to Spider-Man without some form of I.D. (anyone could be under that suit).  As fate would have it though, Peter doesn't have long to worry about how to cash future checks. It seems the editor of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson, doesn't like the wall-crawling-wonder too much, and has decided to write an editorial on the subject (not only that, he also delivers lectures about it around the city).  "Spider-Man Threat or Menace" goes over big, and now Spider-Man couldn't get a job waiting tables much less a TV appearance. To make matters worse it seems that Peter could use the money now more than ever, because as he's walking around the city he see Aunt May pawning her jewelry
The next day, Peter goes out to watch John Jameson, son of J. Jonah, get launched into space. As it happens sometimes, component 24-3b goes bad and John losses control of the shuttle. When Peter find out about this, he decides its time for Spider-Man to do some good. So he offers to try and get a new component 24-3b and install it in the shuttle. Seeing how they have nothing to lose the ground control gives the part to Spider-Man (against J.J.J.'s protests). Spider-Man then commandeers a plane and a pilot to get him close enough to the shuttle so that he can jump on as it falls to the ground. He installs the new component 24-3b and John Jameson makes a safe landing. All seems to have worked out O.K. until the next day when the Bugle headlines blame Spider-Man for sabotaging the shuttle in the first place.

Story Three Summary

   As we saw in the first story, Peter need to find a way to earn some money to help out Aunt May with the bills. How's he going to do this? By joining the Fantastic Four of course. Now he just needs to impress them so that they will offer him a membership, and the perfect way to do that is breaking-in to their headquarters.
Spidey successfully breaks-in and sets off their alarms in the process. Not knowing Spidey's motive, the FF attack him. The fight lasts a page or two until Spidey explains why he's there, and Reed Richards explains that the FF are a non-profit organization. Now it's time to switch focus to the Chameleon, who thinks Spider-Man will be the perfect patsy for his next crime. So he fashions a radio that will broadcast on a frequency that only Spidey's spider-sense will pick-up (he sure does know a lot about Spider-Man). Using the specially designed radio he asks Spider-Man to meet him on the roof of a building, saying it will be very  profitable for him (Spidey that is). Next we see Chameleon committing a robbery in the guise of Spider-Man. After he gets what he wants, he runs up to the roof and takes off in a helicopter. Just then Spidey arrives on the roof for his scheduled metting, and so do the police who were following the Chameleon. Thinking Spidey committed the crime the cops try to arrest him. Well, Spidey puts two and two together and goes chasing after the helicopter that left when he was arriving. Spidey gets Chameleon to land the 'copter, but Chameleon still getts away and changes into a cop in a room full of them. Using his spider-sense, Spidey figures out which one is the Chameleon and ripps open his coat revealing the Spider-Man costume underneath. Back to the main page


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