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"The darkness that shrouds this city is nothing! Nothing! Not compaired to the shroud that Spider-Man pulled over me! He stole my life...shattered it...then tossed it away like yesterday's news! So it is only fair, that I do the same to him!" Venom, Amazing Spider-Man # 298

Enter the Madman, The beginning of a Legend Eddie Brock began his career in Marvel Comics as an up and coming Journalist working for the very successful Daily Globe. Eddie's life was forever to change when he began writing a series of articles on a new and dangerous villain called, " The Sin-Eater." A man by the name of Emil Gregg upon reading Eddie Bock's articles decided that he would falsely proclaim to Eddie that he was indeed the Sin-Eater. Even in today's society, many people do as Emil did in order to seek out some form of attention. These people by and large are generally looking for attention from a society that has ignored them. Eddie started documenting the stories that Emil was feeding him and eventually he was asked by the Police to revile who the man claiming to be the Sin-Eater was so that they would be able to stop the murders that were being committed. Eventually, caving in to the pressure and doing what he thought was right, Eddie wrote a brilliant article on the identity of what was thought by him to be the real Sin-Eater. Ironically, within a few hours, Spider-Man captured the real Sin-Eater and unmasked him. The Sin-Eater was not Emil Gregg but a deranged Police Officer by the name of Stan Carter. Due to Eddie's articles about the Sin-Eater, the Daily Globe became a laughing stock and eventually Eddie Brock was fired from the paper as a reporter. The humiliation and embarrassment were too much for Eddie to handle therefore he seriously contemplated suicide as a means of escape from his problems and from the stress which was brought on by the events which had led up to this point. Eddie, being a devote catholic was well aware that in Catholicism, committing suicide was considered as a sin, therefore, he traveled from church to church to pray for his own soul in an attempt at redemption. During his visit to the Lady of Saints church, Eddie ended up bonding with the Symbiotic alien that Spider-Man believed to be dead. Eddie and his new found , "Other", began calling themselves Venom, and they decided that it would be a good idea to kill Spider-Man. Hence the beginning of a legend and the birth of a madman.





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