Height: 6' 3" Weight: 260 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Reddish Blond Other Distingushing Features: As Venom, Brock has an elongated jaw, teeth, and tounge which are really part of the alien costume Background

It all stared with a simple mistake. While participating in the first Secret War, Spider-Man really trashed his costume. He comes across two other heroes who earlier had similar problems and was told that ther is a wonderous machine the can make any article of clothing you can think of. Unfortunatly for poor Spidey, they neglected to tell him where to find it. Spider-Man did find a devise that he thought looked like "it wants to make a costume". It produced a small, black ball that initially set off his spider-sense as he picked it up. The ball oozed over the confused hero and became the black costume. Spider-Man wore the costume for a few months, enjoying the fact that it produced its own webbing and could change to mimic his civilian cloths.

This all came to an end when Spider-Man discovered his niftey new threds were actually an alien symbiote trying to bond to him permenently. Mr. Fantastic seperated the two with his "sonic blaster" and captured the symbiote for study. It should be noted that during the period that Spider-Man wore the alien costume there was evidence that the symbiote somehow fed on his adrenline. The costume escaped and reloined Spider-Man briefly, but the hero tried to kill the symbiote useing the bell tower of a church. The plan worked too well and the symbiote saved Spidey's life before hiding itself in the church.

The other half of this future combo, Eddie Brock, was the star investigative reporter for the Daily Globe. Eddie was a particularly driven man; driven to seek the approval of his stone hearted father. So it stands to reason that when his biggest scope, a man confeesing to be the then active Sin-Eater, was exposed as a fraud when the real Sin-Eater was captured by Spider-Man that Brock went a little over the edge. The paper fired him, his father disowned him, and his marriage ended. Brock's mind locked onto Spider-Man as the source of all his woes and thus began Brock's burning hatred of the Wall-Crawler. But life continued to deal harshly to Brock and soon he decided to comitt suicide. Stopping by a church to pray before he did the fateful deed, Brocks intense hatred of Spider-Man was noticed by the symbiote who had been hidden there since its last confrontation with Spider-Man. The two bonded and became Venom.

Venom has battled Spider-Man, & anyone else who gets in his way, numerous times since then. Brock sees himself as a hero, protecting innocents from the "evil" Spider-Man. In truth Venom has acted as a hero on several occassions, but he believes anyone he sees as "evil" should die, and this puts him in the same dubbious category as the Punisher. He still hates Spider-Man, but now reguards him as a nessecary evil since the Wall-Crawler also protects the "innocent". Venom desperately hates his "son", Carnage, who he sees as a perversion of all that he is. Venom serves a homeless community of "under people" in San Fransisco as their "protector". Make no mistake that Venom is insane. But recent signs in Brock's behavior during their recent seperation at the hands of the Scarlet-Spider would indicate that the symbiote is pushing Brock to be more violent.

Biographical Data


Real Name: Edward "Eddie" Brock Other Current Aliases: None Former Aliases: None Dual Identity: Known to local authorites Current Occupation: Vigilante Former Occupation: Journalist for the Daily Globe Citizenship: United States of America Legal Status: Criminal record in U.S. Place of Birth: San-Fransico, California Marital Status: Divorced Known Relatives: Carol Brock(father), Anne Weying(ex-wife) Known Confidants: "Beck" Known Allies: Spider-Man, Morbius, Vengence Major Enemies: Spider-Man, Carnage, Life Foundation, Juggernaut, Scarlet-Spider Usual Base of Operations: San-Fransico, California Former Base of Operations: New York City Current Group Membership: None Former Group Membership: None Extent of Education: BA in Journalism Powers & Paraphenalia

Strength level: 11 tons under optimal contditons Powers: Brock's powers stem from his symbiotic relationship w/ the alien that serves as his costume. The symbiote can mimic any type of clothing whatsoever, as well as blending Venom in their surroundings, rendering them invisible. The symbiote has augmented all of Brock's physical abilities too superhuman levels equal to, and in some cases greater than, Spider-Man's. Abilities: Venom also possesses the ability to adhere to most sufaces. Venom can animate any part of the costume and can fire a web-like substance from their hands. In some unknown way, Venom can sheild themselves from Spider-Man's spider-sense. Equipment: None Weapons: None Limitations: The symbiote is extremely sensitive to sonic and thermal attacks. More Information



First Apearance: (as alien costume)Secret Wars#8, (behind the scenes)WoSM#18, (actual appearance)ASM#299 Origin Issue: ASM#300 Significant Issues: Secret War#8 (Spider-Man obtained alien costume) ASM#258 (Spidey learns costume is living alein symbiote; separated himself from costume with "sonic blaster") WoSM#1 (costume reattached to Spidey, who brought it to a bell tower to destroy it with intence sound; costume saved Spidey's life then crawled away) WoSM#18 (Brock pushed Peter Parker in front of a moving subway train w/o activating his spider-sense) ASM#299 (Venom confronted Mary Jane Watson-Parker) ASM#300 (battled Spider-Man for first time) ASM#315 (escaped vault by mimicing fallen guard) ASM Annual#25 (prevented the holdup of a truckstop on his way to New York) ASM#316 (confronted Black Cat; battled Spidey at meat-packing plant) ASM#317 (encountered Peter Parker as Eddie Brock at Parker's Aunt May's house; Spider-Man defeated him by tempting costume to reattach to him) Quasar #6 (escaped Vault during massive prison break; returned by Quasar) The Vault Graphic Novel (egineered fail prison break, killed warden) ASM#330-331 (faked suicide at Vault by coating himself with a layer of synthetic skin created by costume; escaped Vault from its morgue) ASM#332 (saved baby while battling Spidey) ASM#333 (plague inducing villain Styx rendered symbiote comatose) ASM#345 (symbiote reattached itself to Brock while in prison, spawn left behind) ASM#346 (traped Spidey in cryogenics chamber) ASM#347 (transported Spidey to a deserted island; Spidey faked own death to convince Venom that his vendetta was over) ASM#362-363 (informed of existence of Carnag by Spider-Man & Human Torch; returned to New York to battle Carnage, captured by Spidey and Fantastic Four) ASM#374-375 (escapes, captures Peter Parker's "parents"; battled Spider-Man & Wild Pack; made non-interference deal w/ Spider-Man) Venom I#1-6 (returned to San-Fransiaco, met "under-people", battled Spidey, Life Foundation, and 5 other of his "children") SM#1-2, ASM#378-380, SSM#201-203, WoSM#101-103 (battled Carnage & Spider-Man) Venom II#1-4 (battled Punisher & Pyre) Venom III#1-4 (met Beck, battled Jugernaught) Venom IV#1-4 (w/ Morbius & Demogoblin battled demons) Venom V#1-4 (battled Mace & techno ninjas; promised Beck he'd stop killing, but did not) Venom V#1-4 (w/ Vengence battled alien Stalkers; learned that other symbiotes exist) WoSm#118-119, SSM#52-53 (battled Scarlet-Spider, defeated and separated from costume) Venom VI#1-4 (Brock battled 5 "children" while costume escaped Vault and rejoined him) Venom VII#1-4 (rematch with Carnage)

While attending a science exhibit on radiation, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider When he accidently wanders into the path of a speeding car, he discovers that the bite has given him spider-like abilities. As he walks home that evening, he sees a sign that proclaims that anyone able to wrestle Crusher Hogan for three minutes will win $100. Thinking that this would be the perfect way to test his n powers, Peter dons a mask and enters the ring. Peter easily gets Crusher to submit by carrying him up one of the buildings support beams. A TV producer sees this and offers to get Peter a job as an entertainer. Well, Peter accepts and goes home where he makes his costume and web-shooters.

As Peter is leaving one of his appearances as Spider-Man, a thief runs by and Peter lets him go. The guard who was chasing the thief yells at Peter for not stopping the crook when he had the chance. To which Peter replies "It's not my job".

A few weeks later, after another personal appearance, Peter returns home to see a police car outside his house. When he talks to one of the cops, he learns that a burglar broke into the house and killed Uncle Ben and that the police now have the burglar trapped at the abandoned Acme warehouse. Upon hearing this, Peter rushes inside and changes into Spider-Man to go get his revenge on the crook.

At the Acme warehouse Peter makes short work of the burglar, but seeing his face realizes that none of this had to happen. It was the same man he let run by him at the TV studio

Blaming himself for what happened to Uncle Ben, Peter learns that "with great power, comes great responsibility". story2 Summary Story 1 The story starts off with a very short recap of Amazing Fantasy #15, but quickly get underway.

As Peter is walking down the stairs he hears Aunt May asking a bill collector for more time to pay the bills. Peter realizes his Aunt needs his help to earn money and considers taking up a life of crime. With his new found powers it would easy. Then he thinks about what it would do to Aunt May if he ever got caught and decides against it.

So Peter makes a few more appearances as Spider-Man to earn some money, but when pay-day comes around his agent asks who to make the check out to. Not wanting anyone to know who he really is, Peter tells him to make the check out to Spider-Man. : Unfortunately, the bank won't cash a check made out to Spider-Man without some form of I.D. (anyone could be under that suit).

As fate would have it though, Peter doesn't have long to worry about how to cash future checks. It seems the editor of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson, doesn't like the wall-crawling-wonder too much, and has decided to write an editorial on the subject (not only that, he also delivers lectures about it around the city).

"Spider-Man Threat or Menace" goes over big, and now Spider-Man couldn't get a job waiting tables much less a TV appearance. To make matters worse it seems that Peter could use the money now more than ever, because as he's walking around the city he see Aunt May pawning her jewelry

The next day, Peter goes out to watch John Jameson, son of J. Jonah, get launched into space. As it happens sometimes, component 24-3b goes bad and John losses control of the shuttle. When Peter find out about this, he decides its time for Spider-Man to do some good. So he offers to try and get a new component 24-3b and install it in the shuttle. Seeing how they have nothing to lose the ground control gives the part to Spider-Man (against J.J.J.'s protests).

Spider-Man then commandeers a plane and a pilot to get him close enough to the shuttle so that he can jump on as it falls to the ground. He installs the new component 24-3b and John Jameson makes a safe landing. All seems to have worked out O.K. until the next day when the Bugle headlines blame Spider-Man for sabotaging the shuttle in the first place.

Summary Story 2 As we saw in the first story, Peter need to find a way to earn some money to help out Aunt May with the bills. How's he going to do this? By joining the Fantastic Four of course. Now he just needs to impress them so that they will offer him a membership, and the perfect way to do that is by breaking-in to their headquarters.

Spidey successfully breaks-in and sets off their alarms in the process. Not knowing Spidey's motive, the FF attack him. The fight lasts a page or two until Spidey explains why he's there, and Reed Richards explains that the FF are a non-profit organization.

Now it's time to switch focus to the Chameleon, who thinks Spider-Man will be the perfect patsy for his next crime. So he fashions a radio that will broadcast on a frequency that only Spidey's spider-sense will pick-up (he sure does know a lot about Spider-Man). Using the specially designed radio he asks Spider-Man to meet him on the roof of a building, saying it will be very profitable for him (Spidey that is).

Next we see Chameleon committing a robbery in the guise of Spider-Man. After he gets what he wants, he runs up to the roof and takes off in a helicopter. Just then Spidey arrives on the roof for his scheduled metting, and so do the police who were following the Chameleon. Thinking Spidey committed the crime the cops try to arrest him. Well, Spidey puts two and two together and goes chasing after the helicopter that left when he was arriving.

Spidey gets Chameleon to land the 'copter, but Chameleon still getts away and changes into a cop in a room full of them. Using his spider-sense, Spidey figures out which one is the Chameleon and ripps open his coat revealing the Spider-Man costume underneath.


Height: 6' 1" Weight: 190 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Red Other Distingushing Features: As Carnage, elongate jaw & "teeth", ever moving tendrils from various parts of his body, both of which are a part of the alien that is his costume. Background

Cletus Kasady was serving 11 consecutive life terms in prison, in which he was Eddie Brock's (AKA Venom) cellmate. When the alien symbiote came to break Eddie out of jail, it left behind "child" that bonded with Kasady creating Carnage. Kasady then broke out of jail in attempt to spread his message of chaos. His thought being, if you have the guts, you can do anything. Up to, and including murder.

Spider-Man eventually encountered him, but was unable to stop him. He then enlisted the help of Venom and the Fantastic Four and was able to capture him and imprison him in Ravencroft asylum.

Carnage has escaped at least two more times in attempt to spread his message. He has, on both occations been thwarted by Spider-Man and returned to the asylum.

Biographical Data


Real Name: Cletus Kasady Other Current Aliases: None Former Aliases: None Dual Identity: Publicly Known Current Occupation: Prisoner/patient, Ravencroft Former Occupation: Serial Killer Citizenship: U.S. Legal Status: Criminal record in U.S. Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Mother (killed by father), Venom (symbiote parent), Father (deceased), Grandmother (killed by Cletus) Known Confidants: Shriek Known Allies: Shriek, Doppelganger, DemoGoblin Major Enemies: Spider-Man, Venom, Cloak & Dagger Usual Base of Operations: Ravencroft Institute Former Base of Operations: Former site of the St. Estes Home for Boys, Brookln, New York Current Group Membership: None Former Group Membership: None Extent of Education: High School Powers & Paraphenalia

Strength level: Unknown, shown to be significantly stronger than both Venom and Spider-Man Powers: Has a symbiote costume simalar to Venom, but seems to be more powerful, possibely due to it's incubation on Earth. Kasady's symbiote can, like Venom's, mimic any type of clothing, but unlike Venom, Carnage has not been seen useing the costume as camoflage. The symbiote has augmented all of Kasady's physical abilities to super-human levels apparently higher than that of Venom's. Abilities: Carnage animates his costume to create snares, swing line, and most often bladed weapons. Carnage can hurl these "blades" from anywhere on his body. They disinetgrate after about thirty seconds after they are thrown. Carnage also posses wall-cralwing abilities similar to Venom's. In some unknown manner, the symbiote can dampen both Spider-Man's spider-sense, & the Venom symbiote's in born ability to track its spawn. Equipment: None Weapons: None Limitations: The symbiote is vunerable to both sonics(to a much lesser degree than it's parent) & heat based attacks (to a much greater degree than its parent).

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